Exhibition View, Art Mûr Gallery, Montréal
The Call of Things (Exhibition View), 2019
Exhibition View (Viewers Listening), Art Mûr Gallery, Montréal
06 Exhibition View LR.jpg
04 Viewer with DEW Line LR.jpg
07 Exhibition View Book and Bones LR.jpg
Whale Tag
Eskimo Number Disk
Whaler's Helmut
Cold War Remnant, 2019
Ocean Bouy
Melted Sea Ice
Glacier Water from Pond Inlet
Book of Tennyson's Poems
Plastic Bag
Loss of Profits Due to Scarcity, 2018
Ideas in Things, 2018
Hasty Evacuation, 2019
The Faraway Nearby, 2015
Keeping An Eye on Things, 2018
Enduring Claims, 2018
The Critical Zone, 2018
This Wayward Floating Body, 2018
With An Eye of Faith (Elephant Island), 2018
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