Rock Has No Tongue detail, 2017
This Mountain Exhibition View, 2017
Rock Has No Tongue, 2017
Rock Has No Tongue viewers listening, 2017
Exhibition View of Paintings
Leave It Be, 2017
You Can Hear The Whales Breathing, 2017
Strangely Prescient, 2017
It's Older Than You, 2017
Until It Gives Way, 2017
Our Own Flaws and Failures, 2017
Where These Ways Crossed, 2017
Nothing to Conceal The Darkness, 2017
The Earth and The Sky Are Old Friends, 2017
How Elements Move Through, 2017
What Nations Come and Go?, 2017
This Mountain, 2017
The Name It Is Given, 2017
Heritage of All, 2017
Uncertain Outcomes LR.jpg
Sovereign Aspirations, 2017
This Mountain, 2017
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